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Gold Stacks

Gold Stacks is an achievement level reward program that gives you more reasons to keep playing at the tables and rewards you with more gold.

Taking the Gold Chip program to new heights, Gold Stacks pay out instant rewards when you collect enough Gold Chips to complete a stack. The more stacks you complete, the bigger your rewards get!

The program consists of 50 levels:

  • Levels 1 thru 10 award Gold Chips
  • Levels 11 thru 20 award pending bonuses
  • Levels 21 and higher will award instant cash; it also consist of a tiered reward system: Turbo, Super Turbo and Guaranteed. Rewards are issued depending on how fast you complete a Gold Stack.

How Do I earn Gold Stacks?

When you play at real money ring games or pay tournament fees, you will earn Frequent Player Points (FPP). As you accumulate FPPs, you begin to earn Gold Chips. Automatically, you will start stacking up your Gold Chips.

What can I do with my Gold Stacks?Gold Stacks allows players to benefit from instant rewards earned for completing stacks of Gold Chips.

Please visit the rewards tab from the poker client to check the instant reward prizes.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Gold Stacks

As you earn Gold Chips you are building a Gold Stack. Every completed Gold Stack is worth rewards. The faster you fill a Gold Stack the more rewards you will reap.

Gold Stack Levels

As you complete stacks you will also go up in levels. Some levels require more than one stack to finish the level. The higher the level, the bigger and better the reward you get for completing a stack. First levels reward Gold Chips. At higher levels you’ll receive pending cash bonuses. At the top levels you receive direct cash bonuses for completing Gold Stacks.

Please visit the rewards tab from the poker client to check your current level.

Gold Stacks Stick

Once you make it to a Gold Stack level, it’s difficult to fall back. The only way you will go backwards is if you fail to earn at least three Gold Chips over the course of two back-to-back months. In that case, you will be returned to level 10. You will NEVER lose a level if you are under level 11.


Gold Stack rewards are instant and added to accounts each time a Gold Stack is completed.
No rewards are redeemed in this program.

Any players who are Level 11 or higher must earn at least 3 Gold Chips in a 2 calendar month period. Failure to do so, means they are downgraded to Level 10.

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