Random post Enduro Challenge stuff…

Some Random Stuff:

A lot of people asked me how much did I sleep when it was all over.  The answer is this.  I got home, laid down to bed, and a few minutes later I was out!  I slept for a bit and woke up thirsty.  Thinking it had been about 2 hrs or so I went to the kitchen for something to drink and planned on getting back to bed as I still felt a bit tired.  Only very thirsty!  I was amazed to learn that my first bit of sleep was a hard 12 hours.
Knowing that my body probably needed more rest I went back to bed.  4 hours later I woke again.  This time it felt like 4 hours.  I then puttered about the house a bit, taking a 2 hr nap sometime later.

The next day I went to play some racquetball.  On the way to the courts I began to think that I was going to play amazing, make lots of ace shots and finally beat my opponent (who I have yet to beat).  For some reason I felt unstoppable.  We had a lot of fun.  It was great to get my blood moving around again.  But alas, I still lost every game we played.  Apparently playing that super demon sesh of poker did not increase my skills at the courts.  Ho humm.

Another question I have been getting a lot is this.  How did the session go, did you win? or lose?

I took a lot of notes during that sesh and one thing I paid particularly close attention to was the hourly updates on my stack.  Here are the key highlights!

Hour   0                 0                              (Bought in for 4,000) (In 4,000)
Hour   37         -4000    (Felted for 4000)   (Reload for 800)       (In 4,800)
Hour   38.5      -4,800   (Felted for 800)     (Reload for 800)       (In 5,600)
Hour   39         -5,600   (Felted for 800)     (Reload for 4,400)    (In 10,000)
Hour   40       -10,000   (Felted for 4,400)   (Reload for 90,000)  (In 100,000)
Hour   58      +13,200
Hour   78       -17,500
Hour   79        +5,500
Hour  115       +6,766

After the first 51 hours of play Phil was ahead in only 6 of those hours.
Between hour 40 and hour 58 Phil won $23,200.
Between hour 58 and hour 78 Phil lost $30,700.
Phil averaged $58.83 per hour of play.  (He won about 3 bb/hr)
Of the $6,766 he won half was donated to CampSunshine.Org.
If you would like to make a $10 donation text ‘Sunshine’ to #20222.

That is a whole lot of swings for a 10 20 game.. but to be fair we had the straddle on for about 40 of the 115 hours and there were a lot of big stacks playing over that time period.


Since the record I have been thirsting for poker like never before.  I told my girl for the rest of the series I planned on only a few things.  Sleep, gym, and poker.  I have played two sessions since the Challenge and they both went amazing.  I have been on point, making very good reads (called a guy for 10,000 with just a pair of 10s on the river in a 25 50 game, and made a 3rd pair call for 6k in same game).  And have been winning lots.

The first session was 9 hours all together.  2 hours at 10 20 nlh, and 7 hours at 25 50 (100 ante on the bb).  I won $9,210, and $23,400 respectively.

The second session was 36 hours all together.  2.5 hours at 10 20 nlh, and 33.5 hours at 25 50 (100 ante on the bb).  I lost $740 in the 10/20 and won $26,400 in the 25/25 game.

I felt great the whole time for both sessions.  Since the Challenge my passion for playing my A game has been off the charts.  I never planned for the 2nd session to go for so long, but the game went from avg to amazing and I planned on playing till it dried up a bit.  I got a bit tired from time to time, but it was amazingly nice to be able to doze off between hands and be jostled back to being awake.

During the 115 hr enduro challenge I was not allowed to doze off and get jostled back to ‘awakeness’ by anyone.  So it was rather nice to let myself slip from time to time at the table during that recent (longish) cash session.

I have not been to the rio yet this year.  I think I will play the event that starts tomorrow (today) at noon.  It is a 2,500 six max nlh event.  My brain is especially addicted to playing well right now so I am going to give the tournament thing a spin.  Though I just can’t seem to stop myself from playing the nlh cash games at the Bellagio.  Considering that I woke about 4 hours ago, I think that I will just go to the Bellagio now, and then from there at 1130 or so go to the Rio.

What else.  Not much.  Guess that’s it for now.

Later boys and girls!

Phil Laak
Degen for Life